An Annual Affair.

Antiques. Fine Art. Jewelry.

Showcasing carefully curated collections in a modern design world, Rare Aspen offers an elevated experience unmatched by any other. This JULY 9 - 14, set in Aspen among the world’s best of the best, the show will feature a hand selection of the most prominent sellers of antique jewelry, art and objects. The show itself will set a new standard in consulting, purchasing, and education by immersing attendees into the world of “rare”. Something so unique and precious that it simply cannot be imagined, only experienced.

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Schedule of Events

Presentations + Booth Chats


Beth Webb

Sara Thomeier




Aspen Show Group contributes all of its net profits from the show to these important charitable causes below.


Aspen Education Foundation

The Aspen Education Foundation partners closely with school administrators and the community to identify and fund in-school or beyond classroom programs across our five schools. Over the years, AEF has played a critical role in investing in the educational experiences that our community has come to appreciate and expect, including: Outdoor Education, Aeronautics, Performing Arts, International Baccalaureate, and College Counseling.

Mountain Rescue - Aspen

Mountain Rescue - Aspen is one of the oldest search and rescue teams in the state. They are accredited through the Rocky Mountain Region of the Mountain Rescue Association and work as a volunteer arm of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s office; providing search and rescue services for Pitkin County and mutual aid for other counties in Colorado. Their dedicated 50-member team annually donates thousands upon thousands of person-hours serving Pitkin County’s community and visitors.

Aspen Hope Center

The Aspen Hope Center provides a specific array of services that are designed to decrease the stress of navigating the convoluted system of mental health and most importantly, to tighten the reins on the gaps found in the services provided in the valley.


Aspen Ice Garden


Event Sponsors


We couldn’t be more honored to host this intimate gathering of respected dealers, design professionals and consultants representing the very best of their fields. We also couldn’t do it without help from our sponsors below.


Special Thanks To:

Mawa’s Kitchen, Specialized Protective Services, The City of Aspen, Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office, Hotel Jerome, St. Regis Aspen, Dreamtime Water